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809 - Blur 10 - 1/10 WGT Chassis Conversion Kit - $ 180.00

The Blur 10 WGT, 200 mm WGT spec road course conversion kit comes with the following components listed below. 

• Black, tight weave 2.5 mm carbon fiber chassis components 
• One piece CRC trailing link
• 2 battery mounting positions, inline front to back in the chassis and side to side
• Adjustable center shock mount
• Two front wheel base options
• Front track width locator plate set
• Black anodized aluminum & stainless steel fasteners
• Darkside Motorsports black anodized motor pod plate set
• Irrgang Racing composite ride height adjustor set
• CRC side dampener tubes
• Silva Concepts HPS2 center shock
• Team Associated center shock springs


Parts required for racing are: front end, body posts, bearings, differential, tires, electronics & body



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