For those that are not aware, Eric has recently passed away. You can view his obituary here.

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In addition to our innovative products, Darkside Motorsports also offers the following services.

Engineering & Prototyping Services
Got an Idea? Want to have some prototype parts designed and made but your pencil and dremel just won't hack it? Want to make some prototype parts but don't want to make hundreds to justify the cost? Solution: contact Darkside Motorsports. We can engineer, prototype and provide short production runs for that special part that you have in mind. With over 20 years of engineering and design experience, our engineering staff can help you maximize function and minimize cost. We have the latest computer design software to take that idea you have from dream to reality. We use state of the art CNC machines to produce your parts to the highest quality. Darkside can mill, turn or anodize almost any part that you can imagine. Our reasonable design and manufacturing services can help you make that special part that gives you the winning edge. Contact us today to see what the Darkside can do for you!

Custom Vinyl Decals
Darkside Motorsports can now do your custom vinyl decals and numbers. Whether it is 5 or 500, we can handle it. Our decal machine can output you custom decals in any of a variety of colors. No matter if you want these decals for the inside or the outside of your body, we can make it happen. All we need from you is a scannable image, and we can do the rest. The best part of our decal service is that it is more economical than a local sign shop. Let the guys who understand the wants and needs of a racer help you with you custom image. Check out some examples of what we can do in the photo gallery.

Custom Body Painting
Darkside Motorsports has teamed up with one of Colorado’s finest R/C painters to offer you custom painted bodies. We are proud to offer this service in two forms. 1) Tell us what body you want and what you want it to look like, and we will do the rest. 2) You can send us your body and we'll produce that custom look you are seeking. Combined with our custom decal service, we can replicate nearly any paint job you can imagine.

Web Design
Darkside Motorsports is pleased to be able to provide web site design and hosting services. Looking to have a web page that shows off your R/C hobby? No problem, let our expert web designer provide you with a web page that will have people talking and visiting. Have an old web page, designed by someone else that you want updated? We can do that. Send us an e-mail with your idea and let us do the rest. Reasonable rates for design services and web hosting are what we offer. Let Darkside Motorsports handle you web site needs.

Contact us at info@darksidems.com for more information on the above services.

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