For those that are not aware, Eric has recently passed away. You can view his obituary here.

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Chassis Kits
Oval & Road Couse Complete & Coversion Kits

Chassis Parts
Replacement Parts For Darkside Motorsports Kits

Chassis Parts - Discontinued Chassis Kits
Have an older Darkside Motorsports Chassis & need parts? You'll find them here, If you don't, contact us, We stock parts for most everything we've ever made

Clear Lexan Bodies

Wings & Accessories
Wings, Wing Mounts, Wing Buttons

Screws, Nuts, Ball Studs, Set Screws, Shims, Etc

Nitro Parts
Parts for Serpent and OFNA Nitro Chassis

Shocks & Springs
Center & Side Shocks. Springs for front ends, center shocks and side shocks,. Related accessories

General Accessories
Car Stands, Motor Fans, Tape, Servo Mounts, Differential Parts, Etc

Oval Specific Hop-Up Parts
Front End Kits, Spring Steel T-Plates, Castor Blocks, Chassis Weights Etc

Road Course Parts
X-ray Outdrives, Battery Spacers, Etc

Tools & Gauges
Tools, Gauges, Set-up Wheels, Etc

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