For those that are not aware, Eric has recently passed away. You can view his obituary here.

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New Front End Parts -

Darkside Motorsports is proud to announce the release the first of the parts that will comprise the forthcoming K.O.M. front end.  The first new parts will be solid titanium ball stud king pins for 1/10 & 1/12 cars.  Distance from under the ball stud to the e-clip is 1.045" for the 1/10 pins and 0.840" for the 1/12 pins.  We recommend using short RPM rod ends for the perfect no slop fit.  They will be sold in pairs. 

These king pins have been developed in conjunction with Pemberton Raceworks and are available from te PRP website as well.  

Dealer and OEM inquires welcome

New parts added to the site! -

At long last, I've started doing the website update. I've added the following new items to the website. They are all in stock now. Some of the parts might help you figure out some of the other new things that are "coming soon".....



Check out the oval hop up part section for the following:

#260 - Short Machined Delrin Upper A-arms

#329 - Black Anodized Offset Castor Blocks

#383 - KSG Front End Brass Weight Slug - .060" offset

#384 - KSG Front End Brass Weight Slug - 0" offset


Check out the chassis part section for the following:

#211 - Ignitor Super Soft Spring Steel T-Plates

#212 - Ignitor Soft Spring Steel T-Plates

#472 - Ignitor Short Front Bumper - Now Lighter!

#851 - Ignitor Main Rear Shock Tower - Revised Geometry, makes it easier to fit larger speedo's under it on the left side

#873 - Ignitor Carbon Fiber Motor Pod Bottom Plate - NARROW

#874 - Ignitor Carbon Fiber Motor Pod Top Plate - NARROW


Check out the General Accessories section for the following:

#228 - Long Offset 1/12 Differential Hubs (Black or Silver)

More to come!



Darkside Outlaw4 - Out Front! -

This season, the Darkside Outlaw4 has been the 1.12 ovat chassis to beat!

2013 Ovalmasters

Derrick Robbins - TQ


2014 Snowbird Nationals

Derreck Robbins - TQ and A-Main Winner

Eric Dimmick - A-main qualifier


The Darkside Outlaw4 was the TQ at the two biggest 1/12 oval races of the 2013 - 2014 indoor carpet season. 

Get one or chase one!!!

Outlaw4 1/12 Oval Chassis Now Available -

Darkside Motorsports is proud to announce the release our fourth generation 1/12 oval chassis, the Outlaw4.  This chassis is available in either a t-plate version or a v-link version.   Conversion and complete kits are available. The kits are listed in the products section under chassis kits.  The part numbers and pricing is listed below:

#832 - Outlaw4 Complete Kit - Link Veresion $310
#833 - Outlaw4 Conversion Kit - Link Version - $180
#834 - Outlaw4 Complete Kit - T-Plate Version - $300
#835 - Outlaw4 Conversion Kit - T-Plate Version - $170

The Ignitor is Released -

The design for the Ignitor platform began as an evolution of our four previous oval platforms while continuing to push the envelope by combining the latest industry trends and cutting edge materials.   Structurally, this is the best designed chassis we’ve ever made.  Darkside cars have always had a reputation for being able to survive the worst wrecks while still driving away.  The new chassis carries on that tradition, while shedding unnecessary weight and bulk.  We’ve spent a good amount of time studying the reactions of the chassis as it makes laps.  This translates to a chassis that retains the strength that makes a car responsive to the smallest changes while still building in flex and weight saving cutouts.  We’ve not compromised the design of the chassis with pretty cut-outs placed in the wrong locations. 


On the Ignitor chassis we’ve considered the current racing trends of 1c Lipo batteries and brushless motors and what is takes to have a chassis fast, efficient and responsive.  We kept the adjustability in the chassis for adaptability to most any racing surface or grip condition.  Once again, we’re leading the industry by incorporating new ideas in to this car.  We are the first to use structural carbon fiber angle for rear body post and center shock mounts.  This material is ultra rigid and very light.  We’ve moved the t-plate rear pivot further rearward in the car.  We’ve also provided the ability for this chassis to be run with a standard symmetrical t-plate (L4 style), our new long t-plate, a short t-plate, a 4-ball t-plate, and trailing links.  That’s five rear configurations that can be run with the same chassis and lower plates that come standard with the kits.  


The Ignitor is be available as a complete rolling chassis or as a conversion kit.  The complete kit will feature a Team Associated L4 style front end with our aluminum castor blocks and RC4less in-line stub axles,  Silva Concepts HPS2 micro shocks through out and IRS differential components.  The kit will come standard with a long t-plate.  We will have the trailing link assembly, short t-plate and 4-ball t-plate available as optional parts. 


The Ignitor kit provides comes with the best parts included.  Run what’s in the box and you will win, period.

Please contact me at eric@darksidems.com with any questions or to reserve your chassis now.


Darkside Cars Win Another Enduro.... -

Enduro at Hobbyplex Raceway
Hobbytown USA held a 8 hour endure race on Jan, 29,2012 in Omaha NE.
A total of 7 teams in the race. The team had to have a min of 3 on a team. One to drive, one to corner marshall, and one to pit the car. Also everyone had to drive for a min. of one hour.
Team CMMM drove a 200mm Darkside I-Force pancar to take first place.
Mike Clement, Craig Maline drove for 3 hours each and Mike Lafferty, and Mike Garret steered the car around the roadcourse for a hour each.
Team CMMM drove 8 hours with an average lap time of about 13 seconds. 

The race line was measured and calculated out the actual miles driven by Team CMMM was 1884 laps equaled out to about 123 miles driven by an rc car in eight hours.
Second place was also driving a Darkside I-Force pancar.
Here are the results from the enduro.
Hour PLEX Enduro A Main                                     Round# 2, Race# 1
________________________Driver___Car#____Laps____RaceTime____Fast Lap___Behind_
Team CMMM                      #2             1884           8:00:03.289            10.948          
Z, Bob & the FAT KID           #5             1881           8:00:01.865            12.652          
Team SKI Open                  #3             1872           8:00:12.709            12.407          
Team Apocalypse                #1             1793           8:00:04.391            12.173          
Team T-REX                     #4             1568           8:00:06.087            12.336          
Team Brinton                   #7             1346           8:00:10.637            11.314           
TFI Racing                     #6             1262           8:00:08.069            10.342

Closed for Vacation & New Stuff -

Darkside Motorsports & KSKT Racing Products will be closed from September 16 until September 28th.  Orders placed during this time will be shipped when we return.  A large selection of parts is available by contacting the E-Team Hobbyplex in Fort Collins, Colorado at 970-690-5578, ask for Lowell. 

In early October, we will be releasing our new 1/2 oval chassis, the Outlaw 4.  In addition, we have other new products coming out including spring steel t-plates for the Ignitor series chassis.  Pictures and information to coming soon.


1/12 Bodies Back in Stock -

The Aero1 1/12 scale Dodge Charger bodies are back in stock.  They are part #398. 

Another Darkside Wins... -

Darkside Motorsports wins at the recent Maine Mall Meltdown Trophy Race at the Summit Raceway in Portland, Maine. Team Darkside’s Bob Tourangeau was able to top qualify, set a new track record and win the A main in the COT class.  Bob was piloting his Darkside Tornado chassis.  Bob has been a long time supporter and team member of Darkside Motorsports.  Congrats on a successful weekend Bob!

Snowbirds 2011, National Champions Again -

Darkside Motorsports & KSKT Racing Products are Snowbirds National Champions once again after winning the SK class for the third year out of the past four.  Chad Odom piloted his KSK-D chassis to victory lane over a very competitive SK field.  This win once again prove that, though there are others, Darkside & KSKT are still the leaders in SK car racing.

Darkside Motorsports we'd also like to recognize Team Driver Mark Burt for making the a-main in the 1/10 World GT class at the 2011 Snowbirds.  Mark was piloting the new Blur˜10 WGT chassis.  Mark was also the winner (survivor) of the figure 8 race on Saturday evening at the Snowbirds running a Darkside I-Force chassis, demonstrating the durability of the Darkside Chassis designs. 

Darkside & KSKT - Snowbirds Champions -

Orlando, Florida,

Darkside Motorsports and KSKT Racing Products win at the 2010 Snowbird Nationals.    

The Darkside Motorsports Enduro team wins the Futaba 600 enduro race by 7 laps, besting some of the worlds finest drivers in the process.  It was a mix of solid and smart driving by Nick Bell and Mark Burt.  Lighting fast pit stops by Eric Dimmick, Mark Wernimont and Brian Roebuck.  Outstanding support by Joel White, Steve Nelson, and John Fisher.  It was a complete team effort that led to the win. 

In the SK class KSKT Racing products had made up over half of the field in the A-main.  Team Darkside's Nick Bell took the top qualifier honors, marking the 3rd consecutive year that a KSKT chassis started the A-main from the pole position.  Team CRC's Brian Wynn piloted the KSKT house car to the win overcoming a number of crashes, including one that took out TQ Nick Bell, for the KSKT's second Snowbird Championship in the last three years. 

All in all, the 2010 Snowbird Nationals was a very successful event for Darkside and KSKT Racing Products!


Welcome to the Team..... -

Darkside Motorsports would like to formally welcome the following new drivers to team:  Nick Bell, Barry Henry, Tom Kellems and Joel White. 



RCTVLIVE and the KSK Spec Chassis -

RCTVLIVE has just recently done a video on the KSKD SK racing chassis, made by Darkside Motorsports.  This form of 1/10 oval spec chassis racing in becoming very popular on the east coast.  For more information on the chassis, check out KSKT Racing Products at www.kskts.com or on www.rctvlive.com

Darkside Becomes #1 In SK Racing -

Darkside Motorsports is proud to announce that we have acquired KSKT Racing Products, the leader in SK racing chassis.   Former KSKT Racing Products owner and Darkside team driver Ken Kerttula will remain very involved in the combined company for the long term future.  We intend to expand upon the success that KSKT has enjoyed and provide the resources to the company expand in the future.   Customers and team drivers of KSKT will notice little change in the day to day operations of the company going forward. 


Snowbirds 2009 -

Darkside Motorsports will be closed from January 26th until Fabruary 5th while we attend the 2009 Snowbird Nationals in Orlando, Florida.  If you are attending the race, be certain to stop by and introduce yourself at our location on manufacturer's row.  Orders placed during this time will be shipped when we return



Tornado, coming soon....... -

As first reported in the Oval Nation of Extreme R/C Magazine, Darkside Motorsports will release it's first new oval chassis in 4 years, the Tornado, in early September 2008.  The chassis will feature a flexible main chassis plate, flex control system, brushless friendly rear pod, adjustable front  wheelbase, adjustable rear wheelbase, adjustable front track, left side independent wheel base adjustment, and LiPo compatible battery tray.  The Tornado will take the best of the Enemy chassis and make it faster and lighter.  The Tornado will be available in full and conversion kits that incorporate the best components available with the quality fit and finish that is Darkside Motorsports.  Darkside Motorsports will continue to support the Enemy chassis with spare parts through the end of 2009.  Below are two pictures of the Tornado prototype. 

Tornado Chasis Tornado Chasis

Tornado Oval Chassis - Now Available - Good news. All of the parts for the new Tornado oval chassis are not in stock. Kits are basically ready to ship. The complete kit price is $365 and the conversion kit price is $235. I'm just working with my webmaster to get the site updated. Until that is complete sometime this coming week. Please e-mail any orders to me at eric@darksidems.com.

Tekin Electronics -

Darkside Motorsports is now a dealer for Tekin Electronics.  We are currently stocking the new Tekin RS Pro Brushed/Brushless speed control.   It is part number 601 and retails for $220.  We will be expanding the selection of tekin products that we are stocking in the near future.  We are able to get any of the fine products that Tekin makes, just e-mail us. 

Darkside Motorsports Supports CORRC -

Darkside Motorsports is proud to support the the Colorado On Road R/C Club.  The club is a collection of many dedicated or-road racers located in the Metro Denver area.  The club races about every other two weeks in the winter at the Arapahoe County Fair Grounds on one of the largest carpet tracks in the United States.  Check out the club, the race schedule, and what we're about at www.onroadcolorado.com

Snowbirds 2008 -

Once again, Darkside Motorsports is the class sponsor of the 4-cell pro modified oval class at the 2008 Snowbird Nationals in Orlando, Florida.  This race has become the premier r/c racing event of the year.  This will be Darkside's 4th year as a associate sponsor of the event.  Follow all of the race information including the live webcast at www.snowbirdnationals.com .  As in previous years, We will be showing off some of the new products scheduled to be released in 2008.  Look for us at the race on manufacturer's row.  The offices of Darkside Motorsports will be closed from January 24th until February 6th while we attend the race.  Orders placed during that time will be shipped when we return. 

Winning in the Northwest -

Darkside Motorsportsis proud to congratulate team driver Gary Lewis for winning the 2007 ARCA West Late Model Championship (www.latemodelchallenge.com &  www.garylewisracing.com ) .  He also took down the 2006 NASCAR AutoZone Northwest Elite Division Championship.  Whether it's 1-12th scale, 1-10th scale, or 1-1 scale, He just flat wins.  We're proud to have him as a part of the team.

Darkside Welcomes the Beast -

Darkside Motorsports is proud to announce that we are now a dealer for Serpent Racing Cars.  We will be carrying a complete line of parts for the Serpent Electric S400 Electric Sedan cars.  We will also be able to get parts for Serpent's Championship winning gas cars as well.  We look forward to supporting Serpent USA in the Rocky Mountain Region.



Kit update -

We've gotten a big shipment of parts in from the machine shop, the following are now back in stock:

Set-up Wheels NOW AVAILABLE - Darkside Motorsports is proud to finally release another in a long series of innovative products. Our 1.10 scale oval chassis set-up wheels (patent applied for) are a must for the serious oval racer. These wheels are each precision machined from a solid aluminum billet and anodized in an eye-catching bright green color. Wheel sidewalls are engraved with the eight different tire diameters from 2.31" to 2.10". Use these wheels to measure and adjust chassis ride height, track width, wheel offsets and stagger. When matched with a set of tweak scales, weight distribution can also be simulated and slight changes can be modeled with ease. The wheels are matched such that wheelbase dimensions can also be easily measured. Simply put, they provide a foundation for repeatable measurements and set-ups. Each set comes with 2 front wheels, 2 rear wheels and a re-usable storage case.

These are part number #350 on the website under oval performance upgrade parts and retail for $150, shipping included. We'll have a 1.12 scale version coming in the not too distant future as well

Haynes and the Mx2 at the front again... - Congrats to Mike Haynes for his recent finish at the Fast Cats race in Canada this past weekend. Mike TQ'ed and finished 2nd in 1/12th scale 19Turn with his Darkside Motorsports Mx2 chassis. Way to go Mike!

Team Addition -

Darkside Motorsports is proud to announce the addition of Steve Rossi to the team.  Steve is not only a talented driver, former national champion, but one heck of a nice guy.  We look forward to the input and results that Steve will bring to the team, driving our Mx2 1/12 road course chassis. 


Darkside T-Shirts -

At long last, Darkside Motorsports T-shirts will be available again on January 23rd, 2007

Now In Stock -

Aluminum vertical shock t-place spacers are now in stock and ready to ship.  Listed as part #113

Mx2 - Making the show again.... -

Results from the recent Express North-South Shoot-Out held at Horsham R/C

Stock 1/12 A-Main

1 2 Mark Strasnick 38 00:08:09.649
2 1 Mark Smyka 38 00:08:10.101
3 7 Brandon Hess 36 00:08:00.788 - DARKSIDE Mx2
4 3 Jason Schreffler 36 00:08:05.855
5 5 Sal Amato 36 00:08:08.724
6 4 Andrew Smith 36 00:08:12.568
7 8 Ralph Morella 35 00:08:06.754
8 10 Vito Catalfamo 35 00:08:17.924
9 9 Steve Walter 34 00:08:02.362 - DARKSIDE Mx2
10 6 Greg Fangonil 34 00:08:04.119

Darkside Mx2, Coming to an A-main near you........

Mx2, Now Shipping -

The latest production run of the Mx2 1/12 road course chassis are now shipping.  These kits will feature all of the revisions used by Mike Haynes at the 2006 U.S Indoor Championships in Cleveland (see below for the complete race report).   These kits also feature the new IRS VCS micro shocks as well.   If you are an owner of a older version of the Mx2 chassis and are interested in upgrading, please contact us for special conversion kit options and pricing.

New to our dealer network this month are HobbytownUSA, Indianapolis and Stormer Hobbies, Glasgow, Montana. 

Darkside Motorsports products are also now available through Competition Products Distributors, Laurel, Maryland.

December's News -

The latest production run of the Mx2 1/12 road course chassis will be shipping on Monday, December 11th.  Reservations are now being taken, just e-mail us at info@darksidems.com

Production versions of the new Outlaw'07 will be available before the end of December 2006. Kit prices will be slightly cheaper than the outlaw slider kits.   The O'07 will feature a 5-cell black carbon fiber chassis.  The complete shock tower and rear pod assemblies are the same parts as used on the Enemy "Black Edition" chassis. 

Rear steer plates are now in stock and have been added to the website, part #'s 153 & 154.  These offer 4 different settings and work with the Darkside Outlaw, Outlaw 07 & Enemy series cars as well as the Silva X-Factor and Team Associated 10L3 & 10L4.

All complete kits will be shipping with the IRS nickle teflon coated VCS micro shocks included.  This change will occur approximately mid December 2006.

Out Front in Cleveland . -

During the summer of 2005 Darkside Motorsports began working on the orignial design for the first road course chassis in company history.  For a company and designer that'd never worked on anything made to take a right turn, it was a tall order at best.   We were taking on some very established companies at what they did best.  We settled on a rather radical design for what would become the Mx2 1/12 chassis.  We just didn't feel like copying what was already out there and slapping the Darkside name on it, that's just not the way this company operates.  The "so-called" experts in the field told us that "the car wouldn't even go around the track", that we should "ditch that pile of crap" and that "we were desperate to be in the same arena....."  as the more established companies.    We made numerous revisions, thousands of testing laps and many hours of long distance phone calls.  After some recent strong runs, We are hoping for a good showing at the annual U.S. Indoor Championships in Cleveland, Ohio.  This race brings out the best of the best in the country in road course racing.  Thanks some excellent driving, the results exceeded our wildest expectations.  What's been achieved is only the beginning of the future of this car and this company.   I cannot begin to express my deepest thanks to Mike Maloney and Mike Haynes for the hard work, belief and dedication to the project.  Without their help, the results listed below would simply not have been possible.  

Darkside Motorsports Team Driver Mike Haynes qualify's on the front row in 1/12 19 Turn with the Darkside Motorsports Mx2 road course chassis, besting nearly 80 of the best drivers in the country.

1) Cochran, Sean (42/8:01.000)
2) Haynes, Mike (42/8:06.199) TEAM DARKSIDE Mx2
3) Taskila, Jari (42/8:07.384)
4) Dayger, Jeff (42/8:07.439)
5) Mockerman, Chris (42/8:08.841)
6) Firsching, Tom (42/8:10.165)
7) Witteman, Mitch (42/8:10.639)
8) Gerber, Wayne (41/8:00.379)
9) Cyrul, Josh (41/8:03.560)
10) Smyka, Mark (41

After leading nearly 6:30 of the A-main, Mike Haynes finishes a very close second. 

A-Main Race Results



Cyrul, Josh

9 41 8:01.340 11.306 -
2 Haynes, Mike 2 41 8:01.846 11.451 - -
3 Cochran, Sean 1 41 8:02.083 11.313 - -
4 Taskila, Jari 3 41 8:08.587 11.465 - -
5 Mockerman, Chris 5 40 8:00.135 11.518 - -
6 Smyka, Mark 10 40 8:04.609 11.668 - -
7 Firsching, Tom 6 40 8:04.770 11.439 - -
8 Witteman, Mitch 7 37 8:10.091 11.436 - -
9 Dayger, Jeff 4 27 5:21.592 11.298 - -
10 Gerber, Wayne 8 9 1:53.024

Click Here For Mike's Cleveland Set-up


Eric T. Dimmick

Darkside Motorsports




Here's some of the goings on at Darkside Motorsports:

That's what's next..........

Tape, Tape, Tape -

Attention store & track owners.  We're running a killer special on our heavy duty battery tape.  It's the best tape money can buy.   Quantity dicounts are available.  E-mail or give us a call for more information.



TC3 and TC4 Shock Shafts -

Darkside Motorsports is now selling unobtainium coated shock shafts for the Team Associated TC3 and TC4 series cars.  These shock shafts are coated to provide ultra smooth shock action.  They are part #440 and are $9.00 per pair.

E-mail Trouble -

It has come to our attention that we've not been receiving many of the e-mail sent to our info@darksidems.com and sales@darksidems.com e-mail accounts.   We respond to all of the e-mails that we get.  If you have e-mailed or placed an order with us and it's been a couple of days and you have not heard from us, please e-mail again. 

Race Results -

News Flash! 

Mike Haynes finishes 3rd in the A-main 1/12 scale 19 Turn at the Holloween race at "The Gate" in Cleveland, Ohio.    Nice Job Mike!


Coming 10-9-06...... - Coming 10-9-06, The new www.darksidems.com

Kits Have Arrived - Darkside Motorsports is now offering complete kits for all of our popular chassis. Conversion kits will still be available for those who have an existing chassis that they want to take to the darkside. For oval cars, check out part numbers #99 and #100 for the Enemy slider chassis kits and #169 and #170 for Enemy solid chassis kits. For the Mx2 1.12 road course car, check out part numbers #410 and #411. All chassis kits are in stock and ready to ship

New Dealer - Darkside Motorsports is proud to announce a new parnership with Full Throttle Motorsports. Full Throttle Motorsports will be carrying Darkside Motorsports products beginning early next month. Check out their website at www.teamfullthrottle.net.

X-ray Outdrives - Darkside Motorsports is now manufacturing replacement outdrive sets for the X-ray T2 and FK'05 Sedan Cars. These outdrives are machined from aircraft grade aluminum and hard coat anodized black. They are a direct replacement for the kit stock outdrives. They are part #450 on the website and are $41 per set.

Update: Chassis Kits - Darkside Motorsports will begin selling complete chassis versions of all of our popular chassis conversion kits later this month. The kits will come with some of the best components in the industry. Among the parts will be IRS differential assemblies, CRC side shocks, ORC spring steel t-plates, Windtunnel king pins and stub axles, and Team Associated front end components. Rolling chassis kits for our Enemy, Outlaw and Mx2 chassis will be available in late August

The Enemy in Print -

Here's the recent article in the July issue of RC Driver magazine about the Enemy 1/10 chassis. The chassis reviewed in the article was an early production model. Since then we've switched to a thinner 2.5 mm thick silver carbon main chassis plate. We've also improved the production tolerances of all the parts that come with the kit. The Enemy pictured in the article (part number 100) , with the optional offset servo (part number 111) and vertical shock tower (part number 112) kits. Look for the Darkside Enemy at a track near you. Click here to read the article. - (PDF file, 424KB)

Upcoming Races - See Mike Haynes and the Darkside Motorsports 1/12 Mx2 Chassis at the Express Paved On-Road Championship, June 23 - 25, in Jackson NJ. Good Luck Mike!

Product Update - Over the past several months, it has come to our attention the the original body post brace (part numbers #129 & #177) sold with all of our car kits was prone to easy breakage. We have redesigned this part and are now making it out of thicker, 3mm carbon fiber. This new design is now the standard part with all of our car kits. we appologize for any problems resulting from the original design of this part. Eric Dimmick Darkside Motorsports

Darkside Running Up Front at Daytona.... - Mike Haney qualified 3rd (out of nearly 40 class entries) in the A-main of 19t pro with 43 laps and finished 7th at the annual Speedway Spectacular Race at the Daytona International Speedway. This race run on the asphalt of the speedway's Nascar garage area featured some of the best drivers in the southeast.....and one from Canada. Mike was one of only 5 drivers to make a 43 lap run that weekend. Mike was running the Darkside Enemy 1/10 "Black Edition" Solid Chassis car in this class. Congrats on the good run Mike!

NOW AVAILABLE - The first 1.12 road course chassis from Darkside Motorsports, the Mx2 is now available. See part #410 for more information and specifications.

New Dealers - Darkside Motorsports would like to welcome Murduck R/C & Performance, located in Sloan Iowa, and on the net, to our ever expanding dealer network

Snowbirds 2006 - Darkside Motorsports will again be an associate sponsor of the Snowbird Nationals in Orlando, Florida. We will be at the Snowbirds from February 4th until February 14th and our office will be closed during that time. Orders placed during this time will be shipped when we return. For those attending the Snowbirds, feel free to stop by our pit area in the mfr's row and say hi.

What's New..... - It's been a busy couple of weeks at Darkside Motorsports, Here's the news:

Mount Vernon, WA - Congratulations to the Glasgow Brothers of Washington State who qualified and finished 1 & 2 in the A main at the recent NORA R/C Winter Carpet Oval Race. Jim & Johnny along with Team Driver Mike Turner who finished 6th, were piloting the Outlaw 1/12 scale oval chassis.

Stafford Springs, CT - Congratulations to Team Driver Jason Lambert and Bobby Vincenti who combined to drive a Darkside Enemy 1/10 chassis to a second place finish in the 19Turn class at the 2006 Winter Blast at K/N R/C Speedway.

Enfield, CT - Team Driver Mike Maloney drove the new Darkside Mx2 1/12 road course chassis at the January Jam at R/C Madness. Production versions will be available at the Snowbirds in February. Team additions - Darkside Motorsports is proud to welcome Bret "The Jet" Lund to the team. Bret lives in Albany, New York and frequents many of the oval events in the Northeast. He is the winner of the recent ROAR region 1 championship race at Maximus Raceway in York, Maine.

News Flash! - Darkside Motorsports in conjunction with Protoform has now made it easy to mount the best wing mounts on the best oval bodies in the industry. Starting with Protoform's new 2006 High Down Force Dodge Charger, the body's rear window will have the drill pattern for the wing mounts molded in. Just drill the dimples and mount your wing. No more guess work. Check out the link below for more information on the new Protoform Charger HD body.


Enemy Black Edition Solid Chassis Kit - The Darkside Enemy Black Edition solid chassis kit is now available. For specifications and kit inclusions, refer to part number 170. The kits retail for $230.

BODY SALE! - We're running an inventory reduction sale on our current stock of McAlister 1/12 Chevy Monte Carlo bodies (Part number 399). They $14.50 each, while they last.

Offset Servo & Vertical Shock Tower Kits - Offset servo (part #111) & vertical shock tower (part #112) kits are now available. The offset servo kit is designed to bolt right on to the Enemy 1.10 scale oval chassis. It can also be adapted to fit many oval cars made by other mfr's. The vertical shock tower kit will fit both the Enemy 1.10 and Outlaw 1.12 chassis kits. See the product descriptions for more information.

Dodge Bodies Back in Stock - We now have the Dodge Charger bodies back in stock

Darkside Wins !! - August 6th, 2005; Maximus Raceway, York, Maine; Jason Lambert of Team Darkside wins the 1/10 scale stock class at the 4th event of the Maximus Summer Triple Crown Race Series. This was the first weekend that Jason ran his new Enemy Chassis. He was among the fastest cars all weekend and managed to outrun the competition in a traffic filled main event. Look for his race winning set-up to be posted on the website very soon.

The Enemy is Now Shipping - The new Enemy 1.10th scale chassis kits are now shipping. As the pictures show, we are also working on some option parts. The first is the offset servo configuration which will be available this June. The second is the vertical rear shock tower configuration, available in July. We have some new products as well. We are now carrying the IRS rear differential assemblies for both 1.10 and 1.12 scale, black anodized. We are also carrying the IRS front castor blocks, also black anodized. Next are the spring steel T-plates from Oval Racing Concepts and the new CRC dura-shock VCS shocks. Lastly we have new 90 degree servo mounts that are light weight and highly adjustable. Stay tuned, the pipeline is full of innovative new products set to debut this summer.

Website Update - As the front page says, the new car is almost complete. We are expecting production cars to be available mid to late April. We are taking reservations on the first run and they are going fast. If you are interested in reserving a new kit, just e-mail me at eric@darksidems.com. As far as other new products, we now have the 1/12 scale Aero1 Dodge Charger bodies in stock as well as the spring steel t-plate line from Oval Racing Concepts. We are also working on some updates to the website. This month, we'd like to welcome Thunder Road R/C Speedway, Bealetown VA, to our dealer network.

The View From The Front - February 2005 - With the 2005 indoor oval season in full swing, Darkside Motorsports is proud to announce some new products, new dealers and race information. At long last, we now have the silver carbon fiber top and bottom motor pod plates available. The pod plates will fit both our current 1/12 scale chassis as well as the forthcoming 1/10 chassis. These are be part numbers 151 & 152. We now also have our adjustable center shock mount in stock. This center shock mount, nicknamed the "shark fin", is lighter and less expensive than that of our competition. This part will offer 5 adjustment holes, a mounting location for an antenna tube and is compatable with any 1/10 oval chassis using a standard Team Associated nylon center shock mount. This part will be number 140 and is now available. Also available is the updated version of our Outlaw 1/12 scale chassis kit. The new verson of the popular chassis will feature some updated parts offering added adjustability. This version will also be lighter thanks to the slightly thinner 2.5mm carbon fiber material in the kit. All 1/12 scale kits will also come standard with our new top and bottom motor pod plates. Darkisde Motorsports is happy to welcome His 'n Her Hobbies of Normal, ILL to our dealer network. Darkside Motorsports will be the class sponsor of one of the oval's premier class: 4-cell pro modified. The biggest new to report this month also has to do with the 2005 Snowbirds. The long awaited major race debut of the new 1/10 scale chassis prototype will be at this race. The car has been running in the local scene for a few months now and has been really turning heads. If you're coming to the race, be sure to check out the new ride at our booth on mfr's row. For those of you not going to the race, not to worry, pictures will be available on the website very soon. The new 1/10 kits will be available for sale by April.

November 2004 News Updates - Darkside Motorsports will be the 1/10 scale pro modified class sponsor at the 2005 Snowbird Nationals in Orlando, Florida. This is the largest and most well known oval race of the year and the Darkside Team is proud to help support Mike Bolyan and the entire Thunder Racing Crew. For more information, check out www.snowbirdnationals.com. Be sure to check us out on mfr's row at the race. Darkside Motorsports is pleased to announce the addition of Anthony's Victory Lane in Pooler, GA. and D & L Hobbies in Newburgh, IN. to our dealer network. Check our "Where to get out stuff" link for more information. We are currently working on a couple of new products in addition to testing our new 1/10 oval chassis prototype. We have been testing several configurations of this car and want to make sure that the final version is the best that it can be before it is released. We have pushed back the release date and will make an announcement on this and our other new products in the coming weeks.

Important PayPal Changes - Darkside Motorsports is happy to let you know about some changes to PayPal. PayPal no longer requires that you become a member of their service. This means that you can use their service to purchase products from the Darkside Motorsports website with any major credit card using the e-mail address sales@darksidems.com. You do not need to have a PayPal account to use their service. PayPal now operates just like any other on-line credit card accpetance system. PayPal offers secure payment transactions and is now even easier to use. Go to www.paypal.com for more information.

New Products for the New Year - 2004 has arrived and so have several new products at Darkside Motorsports. Pre-assempled receiver packs are now available in 2 configurations, check them out with the series 200 parts. Silva Concepts spring steel T-plates and VCS Micro shock conversion kits are also now available. Coming in mid January, Darkside Motorsports will become an on-line source for Power Push batteries, one of the oldest battery matchers in the country.

Late January 2004 will see the debut of Darkside Motorsports own heavy duty adjustable screw on body posts. These nearly unbreakable delrin posts are much more rigid than the typical plastic body posts.

Darkside also welcomes the following to our dealer network, Jake's Performance Hobbies, California; Fastlane Hobbies & Raceway, Missouri; Manchester Hobbies, Connecticut; C+N Hobbies, New York; and The Race Factory online speed shop.

Fall 2003 - What's Next....... - The 2003-2004 indoor oval season is now in full swing, Here is what's new at Darkside Motorsports. First, we would like to congratulate team test driver Greg Yongue on his recent sucess with the new Outlaw 1/12 scale car. Greg was the top Qualifier and Winner of the A-main with a new track record at HobbyTownUSA raceway in Westminster, Colorado. The Darkside Outlaw took 5 of the top 7 places in the A-main. Thanks to Greg and the other outlaw drivers for your support. Our dealer network has expanded to include Performance Hobbies of Webster, New York and the internet based oval product store Left-HanderRC.com. Check out our links to find both of these fine R/C equipment outlets. The R&D department has been working hard recently on a couple of exciting new products including the Revolution 1/10 scale chassis., set to make it's public debut at the 2005 Snowbirds. Later this month, Darkside Motorsports will become an on-line source for racing batteries from one of the nation's oldest battery matchers. We'll be bringing you high performance racing cells at reasonable prices. Stay tuned for this big announcment. Lastly, I'd like to thanks those of you who have supported us over the past year, it is appreciated!

Contact The Darkside - Got a question about our products? Interested in adding our stuff to your hobby store? Need set-up advice for your local track? Contact us at 970-484-9503 or by e-mail at info@darksidems.com - Eric Dimmick - Darkside Motorsports

Outlaw 1/12 Scale Conversion Kit - Darkside Motorsports new 1/12 scale oval conversion is now available! The kit will come with a 3mm silver graphite chassis, graphite battery tray, battery tray attachment plate, graphite cross brace as well as standoff's and misc hardware. Also included will be a set of black annodized aluminum motor plates that have the axle lowered by .10". You will need to add a front end, top and bottom plates, shocks and body posts. The chassis is designed to accept either the standard Team Associated or Trinity Revolver front ends. See the additional information listed on the products page. This chassis will be available on our website as well as through our dealer network. The conversion kit is priced at $110.00.

FREE SHIPPING - Darkside Motorsports now offers free gound shipping on all orders over $100.00.

High Speed..........Vinyl - Darkside Motorsports has partnered with High Speed Grafix to offer custom vinyl decals. High Speed Grafix can crank out a wide array of eye catching vinyl decals to personalize your ride. E-mail us at info@darksidems.com to learn what we can create for you. Check out what's possible in our photo gallery as well as at www.highspeedgrafix.com. Darkside Motorsports is a proud member of the High Speed Grafix Racing Team.

Darkside Wing Mounts - Darkside Motorsports innovative wing mounts are now available. These mounts securely attach a wing to the rear window of your oval body. They weigh only 0.33 of an ounce. Check out the pictures on the accessories page. Be sure to catch the product review of the Darkside Motorsports in the current issue of the on-line magazine www.rc-oval.com.

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