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New Front End Parts -

Darkside Motorsports is proud to announce the release the first of the parts that will comprise the forthcoming K.O.M. front end.  The first new parts will be solid titanium ball stud king pins for 1/10 & 1/12 cars.  Distance from under the ball stud to the e-clip is 1.045" for the 1/10 pins and 0.840" for the 1/12 pins.  We recommend using short RPM rod ends for the perfect no slop fit.  They will be sold in pairs. 

These king pins have been developed in conjunction with Pemberton Raceworks and are available from te PRP website as well.  

Dealer and OEM inquires welcome

New parts added to the site! -

At long last, I've started doing the website update. I've added the following new items to the website. They are all in stock now. Some of the parts might help you figure out some of the other new things that are "coming soon".....



Check out the oval hop up part section for the following:

#260 - Short Machined Delrin Upper A-arms

#329 - Black Anodized Offset Castor Blocks

#383 - KSG Front End Brass Weight Slug - .060" offset

#384 - KSG Front End Brass Weight Slug - 0" offset


Check out the chassis part section for the following:

#211 - Ignitor Super Soft Spring Steel T-Plates

#212 - Ignitor Soft Spring Steel T-Plates

#472 - Ignitor Short Front Bumper - Now Lighter!

#851 - Ignitor Main Rear Shock Tower - Revised Geometry, makes it easier to fit larger speedo's under it on the left side

#873 - Ignitor Carbon Fiber Motor Pod Bottom Plate - NARROW

#874 - Ignitor Carbon Fiber Motor Pod Top Plate - NARROW


Check out the General Accessories section for the following:

#228 - Long Offset 1/12 Differential Hubs (Black or Silver)

More to come!



Darkside Outlaw4 - Out Front! -

This season, the Darkside Outlaw4 has been the 1.12 ovat chassis to beat!

2013 Ovalmasters

Derrick Robbins - TQ


2014 Snowbird Nationals

Derreck Robbins - TQ and A-Main Winner

Eric Dimmick - A-main qualifier


The Darkside Outlaw4 was the TQ at the two biggest 1/12 oval races of the 2013 - 2014 indoor carpet season. 

Get one or chase one!!!

Outlaw4 1/12 Oval Chassis Now Available -

Darkside Motorsports is proud to announce the release our fourth generation 1/12 oval chassis, the Outlaw4.  This chassis is available in either a t-plate version or a v-link version.   Conversion and complete kits are available. The kits are listed in the products section under chassis kits.  The part numbers and pricing is listed below:

#832 - Outlaw4 Complete Kit - Link Veresion $310
#833 - Outlaw4 Conversion Kit - Link Version - $180
#834 - Outlaw4 Complete Kit - T-Plate Version - $300
#835 - Outlaw4 Conversion Kit - T-Plate Version - $170

The Ignitor is Released -

The design for the Ignitor platform began as an evolution of our four previous oval platforms while continuing to push the envelope by combining the latest industry trends and cutting edge materials.   Structurally, this is the best designed chassis we’ve ever made.  Darkside cars have always had a reputation for being able to survive the worst wrecks while still driving away.  The new chassis carries on that tradition, while shedding unnecessary weight and bulk.  We’ve spent a good amount of time studying the reactions of the chassis as it makes laps.  This translates to a chassis that retains the strength that makes a car responsive to the smallest changes while still building in flex and weight saving cutouts.  We’ve not compromised the design of the chassis with pretty cut-outs placed in the wrong locations. 


On the Ignitor chassis we’ve considered the current racing trends of 1c Lipo batteries and brushless motors and what is takes to have a chassis fast, efficient and responsive.  We kept the adjustability in the chassis for adaptability to most any racing surface or grip condition.  Once again, we’re leading the industry by incorporating new ideas in to this car.  We are the first to use structural carbon fiber angle for rear body post and center shock mounts.  This material is ultra rigid and very light.  We’ve moved the t-plate rear pivot further rearward in the car.  We’ve also provided the ability for this chassis to be run with a standard symmetrical t-plate (L4 style), our new long t-plate, a short t-plate, a 4-ball t-plate, and trailing links.  That’s five rear configurations that can be run with the same chassis and lower plates that come standard with the kits.  


The Ignitor is be available as a complete rolling chassis or as a conversion kit.  The complete kit will feature a Team Associated L4 style front end with our aluminum castor blocks and RC4less in-line stub axles,  Silva Concepts HPS2 micro shocks through out and IRS differential components.  The kit will come standard with a long t-plate.  We will have the trailing link assembly, short t-plate and 4-ball t-plate available as optional parts. 


The Ignitor kit provides comes with the best parts included.  Run what’s in the box and you will win, period.

Please contact me at eric@darksidems.com with any questions or to reserve your chassis now.


Darkside Cars Win Another Enduro.... -

Enduro at Hobbyplex Raceway
Hobbytown USA held a 8 hour endure race on Jan, 29,2012 in Omaha NE.
A total of 7 teams in the race. The team had to have a min of 3 on a team. One to drive, one to corner marshall, and one to pit the car. Also everyone had to drive for a min. of one hour.
Team CMMM drove a 200mm Darkside I-Force pancar to take first place.
Mike Clement, Craig Maline drove for 3 hours each and Mike Lafferty, and Mike Garret steered the car around the roadcourse for a hour each.
Team CMMM drove 8 hours with an average lap time of about 13 seconds. 

The race line was measured and calculated out the actual miles driven by Team CMMM was 1884 laps equaled out to about 123 miles driven by an rc car in eight hours.
Second place was also driving a Darkside I-Force pancar.
Here are the results from the enduro.
Hour PLEX Enduro A Main                                     Round# 2, Race# 1
________________________Driver___Car#____Laps____RaceTime____Fast Lap___Behind_
Team CMMM                      #2             1884           8:00:03.289            10.948          
Z, Bob & the FAT KID           #5             1881           8:00:01.865            12.652          
Team SKI Open                  #3             1872           8:00:12.709            12.407          
Team Apocalypse                #1             1793           8:00:04.391            12.173          
Team T-REX                     #4             1568           8:00:06.087            12.336          
Team Brinton                   #7             1346           8:00:10.637            11.314           
TFI Racing                     #6             1262           8:00:08.069            10.342

Closed for Vacation & New Stuff -

Darkside Motorsports & KSKT Racing Products will be closed from September 16 until September 28th.  Orders placed during this time will be shipped when we return.  A large selection of parts is available by contacting the E-Team Hobbyplex in Fort Collins, Colorado at 970-690-5578, ask for Lowell. 

In early October, we will be releasing our new 1/2 oval chassis, the Outlaw 4.  In addition, we have other new products coming out including spring steel t-plates for the Ignitor series chassis.  Pictures and information to coming soon.


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