For those that are not aware, Eric has recently passed away. You can view his obituary here.

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Eric Dimmick Owner & Chief Engineer
Warren Strong Jr. Engineer at-large
Greg Yongue Chief Test Driver and Closet Engineer
Rich Camann Test Driver, Chassis Doctor & Legal Counsel
"Angry" Doug Corwine "That Computer Guy"
Adam Dittmer Marketing Guru & Guy who occasionally drives our stuff though he is better at piloting a snowboard.
Phil York After all of these years, we’re still not sure what to call him, but we’re all still laughing, thanks to him.
Jim Siegel The Anchor...Enough said.
Mike Maloney East Coast Business Development & Test driver at-large

Now that you know who we are, here is what we are. Darkside Motorsports began in the mid 1990’s as a desire among a handful of racers to design the best 1/10 scale oval chassis on the market.

In 1996, our first car, the Titan was released in limited quantities. That chassis proved to be both stout competition as well as a great learning experience. The lessons learned were designed into reality in the form of the Titan V2 chassis. Production runs of the V2 occurred in 1999 and 2001. Since it first hit the track, the V2 chassis has been competitive everywhere it has been run. The chassis has had many wins at all types of tracks. Design work commenced in late 2002 on the next generation of Darkside cars as well as many innovative accessories.

2003 has seen another chapter of Darkside Motorsports begin to unfold. A major commitment to the company’s future has been made with a significant investment in research and development. This website was launched in early January to better promote our products to the r/c industry. In the near future, Darkside Motorsports will be enabling customers to purchase products through our website. Additionally our dealer network will be expanded coast to coast. If you have never heard of us before, you soon will. We will be selling those hard to find or long since discontinued products. We will be designing new tools and accessories that will enable you to do more with less.

In late February 2003, the prototype of our first ever 1/12 scale chassis, "The Outlaw" became reality. This chassis builds on the success of our 1/10 scale cars while incorporating new ideas and features unavailable on todays existing 1/12 scale chassis. Other features will put this chassis in a class of its own and will help to significantly increase the participation 1/12 scale racing.

Darkside Motorsports has also started early design work on a new 1/10 chassis. The current direction of the prototype design points towards it being one of the most radical designs ever in the industry. The new 1/10 scale chassis, "The Enemy" will hit the streets in April of 2005. This chassis will share a number or parts with our 1/12 scale chassis.

From the beginning, we have designed all of our products with very simple goals. Innovation, adjustability and durability are central ideas of every product that we make. Darkside was not formed to reproduce what is currently available. We were founded on the principle of going beyond and setting the standard for others to meet, simply put, we innovate, not replicate.


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